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  • Nancy Soulliard

Visually telling a brand’s story through their logo and website

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Annubis Productions needed a brand update

I have a few side-gigs and certainly freelance design is one of them. As projects arise, I happily take them on and look for ways to tell the brand story in a new and trendy way. Asking questions about their business, audience and aesthetic preferences then crafting a creative brief before design begins helps drive the project toward a more successful outcome. Researching competitor businesses gives me a good sense of what the logo needs to stand out against. Focusing on these goals helps establish a stronger design direction.

Annubis Productions, a film and video production studio in Lebanon, Pa., was looking to update their visual branding. The new logo needed to unmistakably say that they’re a video production company that produces high-end, impactful visual stories.

Recognizability through simplicity

For Annubis Productions, their main goal was recognizability. The new logo needed to unmistakably say that they create videos. Since most of the videos created these days are viewed online, they were looking for a connection to online video viewers. Working through a few different directions, we landed on incorporating the icons typically associated with watching videos online: reverse, play, fast-forward and pause. The simple linear elements give it a clean and light feel.


A successful logo needs to work in a variety of settings and sizes. This new logo easily works in white or black or on any color background. Its simplicity allows it to work in many environments including on glass. This logo scales from a small icon used for profile images to apparel to larger formats including signage. The bold Annubis name stands out as the logo size changes.

Web presence

In addition to the logo redesign, I also created a single-page, responsive ribbon website. They needed a site that told the story of who they are, connected to their various social media sites for examples of their work and also gave clients a place to easily contact them. I’m not one to code a site from scratch so I worked with a template that had good bones and all the components we were looking for. I then simplified the site to just the categories needed and customized the imagery, text and fonts to match the brand as well as updated the SEO to drive traffic to their site when people searched for video production. Check out their site here:

To read more about my work for Annubis Productions, visit

Check out the good work they do with their campaign that tells positive stories of Lebanon County residents at We Are Lebanon, Pa. on Facebook.

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